The item must be listed under an appropriate category. Refer to the category guide.


  • Select all the colours the item comes in.
  • If an item has many colours on it, then select Multi as the colour.
  • Select Multi for Books.
  • Select Clear for colourless items.


You must select the size(s) for shoes and clothes. Refer to the size guide.

Item Photo\Images

  • Must be of the specific item being sold.
  • Should have a good plain background.
  • Must not have a price or phone number on it.
  • Must not have a visible watermark in the middle.
  • The colour of the item in the image\photo must match the colour that is input on the colour text box. If you input white as the colour of the item, the item in the image must be white.
  • Recommended dimensions (or bigger): Width: 600 pixels Height: 470 pixels
  • Must be less than 2 mb in size.

Example of good and bad photo\images of Xpress Items:

Good background and clear photo
Poor background. Obstruction on the photo.



  • Describes the Make and Model of the vehicle.
  • Must not include the Price, there is a text box provided for the price. E.g Toyota Vits @ 600000 is not allowed as a Title.


Enter the correct model of the car.


Include any other details about the vehicle, in bullet form.


  • At least 5 clear images must be uploaded:

3 exterior of the Front, Side and Back.

2 interior of the Dashboard and the seats.

  • Must be less than 2mb in size.



  • Must be related to the piece of property for sale or rent.
  • Must not include the Price.

E.g 3 Bedroom House @ 45,000 is not allowed as a Title.


Include other details about the property in bullet form. For instance amenities available.


At least 5 images must be uploaded:

  • One exterior image
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom and Toilet
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom(s)

Ensure the images are clear and appealing.