Do I need to log in to view or buy items on

No, you do not need to log in to view or buy items on the website.

Do I need to log in to buy items advertised on

No, you do not need to log in to buy any item advertised on the website. If you like the item and wish to buy, every item has a contact of the seller, so you call or email to agree on how to purchase the item as well as delivery where possible.

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Cars, Property



Do I need to register and log in to create an Advert?

Yes, you need to first register then log in to create an advert. You will receive a text message from fyndaa with the log-on details upon registration.

How much does it cost to advertise one item?

It is free of charge!

For how long is the item visible on the website?

The item is visible for three months from the time it is published on the website.

Can I replace the listed item with another if the item is sold before the 3 month(s) expire?

Yes you can. Update the Advert details accordingly, that is the photo, price, description, etc. Otherwise, if item is out of stock, log on to your account and mark it as “Sold”.

How long does it take to have the item approved and visible on the website?

Within 48 hours after submission. Though we are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Why would my item not get approved?

  • If the photo uploaded is not of the item being sold. It should be as described.
  • If the photo has different items on it.
  • If the photo has a price or business details on it.

Cars, Property

How much does it cost to advertise my car or property?

It is free of charge!

How long will it take for my Ad to be approved?

We will always aim to approve ads within 48 hours max; we are closed on weekends and public holidays.

What happens if my Ad is rejected?

If your Ad doesn’t meet our guidelines, we will send you an email stating what needs to be amended.

Once you amend it, let us know and we will proceed to approve it.

Service Business Listing

How much is it to List?

It’s free!

Standard Listings will always be free. The expected business details include – Name of business, Location, Phone number and short description of the kind of service listed.

What is a Listing Category?

A Listing Category, is the main Industry that your listing would fall under.

What is a Listing Label?

A Listing Label, is the sub-category/sub-categories that your listing falls under. Use it to select the labels that relate to the goods & services that your business offers.

What are the available Listing Labels & Categories?

Please click here to view the full list of all available categories and sub categories, that you can assign to your listing.

How many Listing Categories can I select?

You can use multiple Listing Categories, in case your line of business lies within more than one Industry. It’s best to select only the categories that relate to the services that your business is offering.

Can I use a Listing Label that is under a different Listing Category from mine?

Yes! You can use whichever listing label you wish. You can also use as many as you want. Feel free to mix & match! But of course it’s best to use labels that relate to the services that your business is offering.

How do I use the Location Map?

You can either:

    • Click the location icon to get your current location
    • Search and select your business location
    • or Simply drag the red pin to exactly where your business is.

Why can I only put a Video URL and not upload a video directly?

We do not want to compromise on the quality of any of the videos posted on our site. The video URL allows you to attach any video,of any size, in a range of formats. Even though you would be inputing a URL, users would be able to view your video from your listing page, without being redirected anywhere else.