Quick User Guide

How do I List my Service?

  • First register an account with us. To do so, go to “LOGIN/SIGN UP HERE” (located on the top-right if on desktop or when you click the ‘3 white lines’ icon on the top left, if on mobile.)
  • Click on ‘Don’t have an account? Register Here!‘.
  • Enter the your Details
  • If registration is successful, you will then receive a password on the number put in Registration
  • Login, using your username or phone number and the password
  • From the homepage, Click on ‘Add Your Listing
  • Type in the required business details, for instance, the business name, location, operating hours, contact, etc. Please note, businesses in cars and property can only list business details and must not include the vehicles or property details in the business description; instead, have such details under Cars and Property section.
  • Finally, select Submit.
  • Done!

How do I get to see my business? 

  • Type www.fyndaa.com on the address bar on your internet browser
  • On the Jiwezeshe! home page, you can find your business by:
    • Typing your business name in ‘What are you looking for’ and then clicking the blue ‘Search’ button


    • Clicking the white magnifying glass at the top of the page and typing your business name in the search box, then press enter
  • Wait a moment for the search to complete. The result(s) are displayed after the search is complete.
  • Click or select your listing to view it.
  • You could also use this process to look for any business by its name or by what they sell e.g. salon, mechanic etc.

How do I make changes to my Business Listing? 

  • To edit your Listing, you need to go to ‘My Account’
  • My Account can be found in two ways
    • If on desktop, you can see it at the top of every page
    • If on mobile, click on ‘3 white lines ’ icon on the top left  and you will be able to select ‘My Account’ from there
  • If you are not logged in, click ‘Login’ and type in your user details
    • You can either login using your Mobile Number or Username, along with your password, then press ‘Login’
  • Remember to use the exact details used at registration, and that the username and passwords are case sensitive
  • Once at My Account, Go to ‘Listings’ then ‘My Listings’
  • You will then see all your listings on ‘My Listings’ page
  • To edit any of your listings, simply click ‘edit’ under the listing name, you will be redirected to where you can make the changes you want.
  • Finally, Click the blue ‘save Changes’ button at the bottom of the edit page.
  • From my account you can also view your listing statistics, messages and favourites. 

How do I change my password?

  • You can change your password from ‘My Account’
  • Go to Edit Profile, type in the current password, type in the new password on the “New Password” text box and repeat it on the “Confirm new password” text box.
  • Finally select the “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

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