Fyndaa.com is a website that makes your search easier for what you may be looking for near your location or across Kenya – a service, product, car or property for sale or rent. There are four sections on the website:


Buying can be so time-consuming, we all want to compare products as well as the prices before making a purchase. Well, Xpress makes it very simple for you. You can find the specific product you are looking for from various suppliers. Search by Category, Size, Colour, Price, etc, if you like what you see, contact the business and buy it. Forget about joining or logging on to many social media networks or groups to find what you are looking for!

Do you have a business with products that you want to advertise?

It is free! Now you can advertise your products at no cost.


There are so many cars for sale in this section. You can search by Make, Model, Price and so forth. If you like it, simply contact the owner and begin the purchase process.

Do you have a car you wish to sell?

It is free to advertise your car or vehicle on fyndaa.com!

Just create an account, login, go to Create an Advert menu, select Car and input the required details of the vehicle (include appealing photos – front, sides, back and seats).

Submit the advert for approval and it will be published within 48 hours.


Are you looking for property to buy or rent?

Have a look at the property available for sale or rent near your location or across Kenya.

Do you have property you want to sell or let?

It is free to advertise your property for sale or rent on fyndaa.com.

Create an account, submit the required details and photos of the property and it will be approved within 48 hours.


Search for a businesses or individuals that provide the service  need.

Some of the business you will find in this section: Movers and Transport vehicles, Mechanics, Clean water suppliers, Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians,  Hotels and Restaurants, Barbershops, Cleaners, Tailors, Cooking Gas suppliers, Construction workers, etc.

Are you a service provider?

Listing the business details is free of charge!

Jiwezeshe na Fyndaa.com!